Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Last Tuesday ride to Maryknoll

Kicking off in Gembrook, we traversed the same route where Herald came his cropper, though without incident this time.
No terrain damage whatsoever in the Beenak State forest. No sign of any storm, no debris, not even potholed roads. Good surfacess throughout.

So to Maryknoll and vanilla slices. 
The only event of note was Werner demonstrating how to exchange a good tube for his punctured one, in 6mins flat. Champion! 

After a reasonably quick ride and feeling quite knackered, we all returned to our cars at Gembrook, whereupon Jurgen calmly announces that he's not had enough and elects to continue his ride to Emerald. 
Something wrong with that man@@##%$


Monday, June 14, 2021

8 Green bottles .. pt 2

 The absconding 3 from last Friday's attrition ride... tell their story.

"After being told by one impatient driver that we should not be riding that day we (the forlorn 3) followed the bunch but they got away from us. We decided to ride to Mulhals Rd and turn left to come back to Patons Rd and still we could not see any of the other bunch. So it was decided to go and have coffee at Yellingbo ... all closed. Next stop Woori Yallock, Werner leading the way. No coffee there. Kirsten lead us up the way by trail to Seville. Stopped at woollies, had bite to eat. I was running out of energy and trying to keep up with the other guys was hard work. Made it to Monbulk to Old Emerald Rd to Butterfield reserve. Many trees down, a big mess. Made it back to emerald.  Ready to do it all again.

 Peter "

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Tuesday 15 Jun ride

Meet 0900 at Gembrook.
Dirt bikes, heading to Maryknoll. 
Revisiting the scene of Herald's demise.

Friday, June 11, 2021

8 Green Bottles sitting on a ........... Friday ride

Little was a ride to attracti so much attrition.

Eight starters planned to convene at the Emerald library, an amazing and surprising attendance given the environmental havoc wreaked the day previous.
So, do we ride tracks and risk debris, descending trees and limbs, or do we stick to tarmac and risk the traffic? A bit of both was our compromise. Ride the road to Patons Rd in Maccy, then take a left turn inyo the dirt and continue to  the Patch via Old Emerald and Waterford, Williams,  then tarmac back home. All well and good. 

The attrition started before we left the library.

 Where was Mike? He never forsakes a ride. No Mike.! Wait 5mins. NO Mike! Ring his home. No Mike! Wait 15mins. No Mike! Conclusion: He must have had a better offer. 

One down, 7 to go.

Out of the library carpart, downhill past Wollie's and straight into impenetrable fog. Creeping along the road to Avonsleigh between annoyed motorists, was not pleasant and it was with relief that we deserted Maccy Rd. and turned left into Patons. At least 4 of us of  turned left (Jurgen, Helen, Jon, Jutta, the latter being a new rider to the group, sussing out our planning skills). The speedy trio of Kirsten, Werner, Peter, were nowhere to be seen. Much searching, scouting and backtracking proved fruitless for the itinerant trio were not to be found. Our main concern was that we had the first aid kit in our baggage. How would the others fare without if? With no other option, the surviving four continued, mournfully alone. 

And then there were 4.

As expected, carnage on every track prevailed, but expert bike handling skills by us seasoned veterans (a euphemism for old f..ts) meant an event free ride.   Except.....

Waterford Road was devastated with fallen debris, some of it quite big. So big in fact that we came around one corner only to be confronted by a gigantic tree across the road (about a meter diam).
Perched on top of the fallen log were two, checked shirt bearded bushies playing bangos with a loaded chainsaw along side  them. "Hmmmm" one of them remarked. "There are four of you" one beard exclaimed. "Would you care to help us shift the tree trunk?" Eyeing their muscular bulk, the loaded chain saw, and the fact that out retreat was blocked by an enormous 4WD, what else can one say.  Half an hour later, muddied, covered in saw dust and freshly introduced to chains, wedges, splitters, levers and 4WD's, we were free to continue.

Off to Emerald and coffee and a bet between us that at least one member of the trio who forsook us, would have induced the others to some long distant, never before tackled trek, consisting of hills, hills, then more hills. 
Their story another day.


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Sunday 13th Dandenongs ride

Start  8.45 at Hancocks (Hermons) corner or 9.00 at Kallista fire station.
Route – Upper Coonara, Olinda, Basin Olinda rd, Basin, 1 in 20, Sassafrass etc.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Jon - China 2007

 And you thought you knew Jon .. from our fabulous 2007 China adventure when the Warbies really did cycle ! Click the link below -  

China 2007


Little Known Facts - Werner NZ 2010

A little known fact about Werner is that he loves a cup of tea. On our 2010 tour of New Zealand he was captured emerging from a from a nearby forest in torrential rain with ...

Cuppa Time


Monday, June 7, 2021

Another Bolivian Cycle Classic - The Salar De Uyuni Salt Flats

The high altitude Salar De Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world some 10,000+ sq km's. For the adventure cyclist it is Nirvana with popular routes taking nearly 5 days to cross. Couldn't complain about hills on this one  

Salt Flats

Salt Flats Part 2

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Bolivia - Cycling the Death Rd

Will endeavour to post a few links of some of the most exciting cycle adventures in the world. The first is the infamous Death Rd in Bolivia - can you imagine 2 way traffic !  just click on the links below to watch

Up until 1994 this infamous stretch of road claimed upwards of 300+  deaths per year. Today it is used mainly as a 60km cycling route linking the city of La Pax and the Yungas region of Bolivia 

Death Rd

Part 2

Wot's Happening - Slips , Trips and Falls !

A couple of socially distant and mainly covid compliant rides were held over the past week. Thurs saw Kirsten (on puppy day release) take on a Gembrook inspired adventure a usual 1.000 metre plus haul. On Sunday it was Jon's turn to head to Olinda and back. With Kirsten having slipped (finger injury), Pete reportedly having tripped over his own shadow (off to Hospital) Bookmakers were taking short odds on where Werner would have his predictable daily fall. They need not have worried as i beat them to the punch coming off my bike on the slippery concrete at the library. Werner did though insure a good paying quinella when he too came off his bike at Olinda returning to the road from a dirt surface

Some good riding had in our pairs within our 10km restrictions, sadly though Tues is looking very bleak !        

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Pics - Thurs Ride

Up the Creek 

Now that's a slice !

Some dancing while we wait for the rain to stop ! 


Werner's infamous Cow Track !

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Up The Creek - Werner and the Cow part 2 - Menzies Creek to Lysterfield

It was a 2 "Wow" start to an overcast day at Werners in Mezies Creek. "Wow" 1 was that there were actually 5 of us present despite the days forecast while "Wow" 2 was that cake and coffee were already on the table thanks to Werner / Master Chef. With the weather finally clearing and a half slab of cake eaten, we mounted our steeds following Werner as he took us along a challenging dirt track that parrallels Wellington Rd near the Dam. Surviving our first adventure we crossed the Dam and headed back down Foot Rd to our "wet" creek crossing (Peter threatening to sue if his new bike got wet) although this time we came prepared with towels. The Harkaway exit was picturesque  as we made our way to Narre Warren and the home of the mouth watering triple decker Vanilla slice - Jon's favourite cafe ! With rain threatening Mike took over our exit taking us along Belgrave Hallam Rd to a back entrance into Lysterfield past an enormous Tibetan style temple. Helen was thankful as we sheltered briefly (to avoid the rain) at the posh Lysterfield cafe before a fair climb all the way back to the Dam. Werner couldnt resist a final adventure taking us briefly along his 40 year old 'Cow Track" before we ended up back at Werners place for yet another litre or two of coffee. Thankyou so much Werner !    



Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Thursday 27

Forecast is for a bit of rain but forecasts are unreliable.
we still meet at Werner's at 0900 and decide from there.

Other Poss Future Rides

Have now surveyed a couple of rides to add to our list to do at some point if peeps interested. 1) An 80km cross country ride mainly on goodish unmade roads that goes from Gembrook to Labertouche to lovely Jindivick. Return can be done by way of Tonimbuk. 2) A 70km ride from San Remo along back beaches, the Rail Trail and inland Roads to the Desal Plant, a fabulously wild secluded beach, Wonthaggi and of course back to San Remo for some of the best Fish and Chips in Victoria                  

Thurs Ride - 27 May - Start at Werners In Menzies Creek - 9.00a.m.

Save that appetite as we cross dams and creeks on our way to Lysterfield in search of some fine cakes and coffee. An adventure filled ride - dirt bikes recommended       

Licorice All Sorts - Tues Kallista ride !

On a "fineish" morning and with a couple of "weather wowsers" missing, we took on an "all sorts" ride covering a fair bit of new turf. We added Perrins Creek road and Olinda Cr to our Olinda climbing routes (Perrins now high on Jon's dislike list) before a rocket fuelled descent took us back down Falls Rd to Silvan. With only rough notes to follow and few signs, we ended up predictably lost on our way to Mt Evelyn in the Silvan Forest instead ending up at York Rd. The ride back was at least directionally easier as we made our way to the Basin for a well earned cuppa and to allow Helen to recharge on a slab of banana bread. Recovered we took  on the one in 20 by climbing Perrins Creek on descent back to the Kallista car park. For a fairly short ride this had a heap of climbing but we did at least manage to beat the wind and rain ! 


Fwd: Thursday 27th

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Jon Bate <bate.jon@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2021, 19:05
Subject: Thursday 27th
To: Helen Geddes <helen.geddes1@gmail.com>, Kirsten Eakins <kirsten.eakins@gmail.com>, Kerri McDonald <kerri_mcdonald@bigpond.com>, Peter Duivenvoorden <p.duivenvoorden@bigpond.com>, Jurgen (Max) Weller <jweller@vtown.com.au>, Mike & Monica Litchfield <m_litchfield@hotmail.com>, Jon Bate <bate.jon@gmail.com>, Geoff James <jameco@bigpond.net.au>

Watching the radar closely.
If the rain predicted is to arrive in late arvo, the ride will go ahead.
If rain in the morning, then ride will be deferred.
Watch this space for final decision.

Meet at Werner's place, 0900, dirt bikes.
Water crossing involved so bring a small hand towel.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Stuff (click on Link)

Thinking of entering an alt Thurs team for next year

Bike Race

And doing a tour of Ireland 


In case missed the British Pathe film of plane crash site we visited recently  

Plane Crash

Or Maybe Tajikistan is your go 


Tues Ride 25 May - Kallista - Olinda - Silvan - Montrose - Kallista

 Assemble 9-00a.m. Kallista - Dirt bikes - If weather turns sour will post on Mon night at 7pm